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All modules in a single software package, Integrated business solutions, Business process can be optimized, Effective resource management, Multi structured data synchronized, Customer-supplier relationship, Efficient production planning and forecasting, tracking, Synchronised account management

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Enhance the performance rate, Achieve sales target, Better controlling and management of data, order tracking, Synchronised account management

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Create and handle multiple sites. Improve HSE culture among the workmens. Ensure workmen safety in the workplace. Can review the workmen performance effectively. Can review the contractor wise safety issues occurred periodically. It reduces the safety issues for regular monitoring and observation tracking

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Understanding product to achieve your goal

  1. The items processed are not owned but still need to be accounted for: Received, Processed, Shipped and Invoiced
  2. Visibility to all customer parts and their current status & location
  3. Unique part numbers and processes that are customer AND item specific
  4. Processes may change for the same part (one time it is coated, the next time it is barrel zinced)
  5. Flexible pricing that will automatically compute sales invoice based on customer/part/process combination
  6. Prices can be based on customer, customer-part combination, process applied or even by process step (with min/max)
  7. Process and specific step instructions, tooling and quality measures
  8. Easily identify specific chemical and other material costs per process and process step
  9. Quick and easy data collection and process updates to know the exact status of every customer part and order
  10. Support for barcoding and scanning “out of the box”
  11. Match process costs with shipments and invoices for accurate sales and direct cost amounts
  12. Financial metrics and reporting to enable the business to know where it stands day-by-day or week-to-week – no more waiting on overdue financial statements
  13. Part-specific details such as coating thickness and quality measures
  14. Ability to quote and estimate new requests based on process requests or process steps involved
  15. Instant visibility to chemical inventories and other raw materials required to process parts
  16. Flexible scheduling and visibility to all operations by customer-part, process and more
  17. Ability to quickly change and re-prioritize orders
  18. Contract and Blanket orders
  19. Fully integrated with financials, payroll & HR (if needed) and even mobile-based business intelligence and metrics
  20. View metrics on any device, anytime and anywhere so you know exactly what is running and where you stand

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  • Available as a cloud-based hosted solution that requires no hardware or other infrastructure besides connectivity
  • Use our unique industry-specific RapidLaunch process to be LIVE in 60 days!
  • Fixed price setup, training and other installation services so there are no surprises
  • Convert your existing data so you don’t have to re-key records
  • We have over 20 years of implementation and support service history
  • On-going support program that provides unlimited support so your team can call, get help and stay current with no additional costs or surprises
  • On-line support database and training courses available at no additional charge
  • Affordable and flexible pricing options


”The most significant improvements came from the solution’s automated workflow features as approving and tracking the electronic forms was much easier…”

JACK, ASTON, Afghanistan

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